Yes, April 10th, for reasons unknown to me, is National Sibling Day. Since I have some pretty amazing siblings, it seems only appropriate to celebrate!
So here’s to all the wonderful memories we share – the laughter and the tears, the joys and the sorrows. I am so thankful that we are not only siblings but also good and dear friends!








Our final picture with the four of us…
taken just two weeks before Elna slipped into heaven.

Oh my – I do love these beautiful people!


I wish I could say that I took some excellent pictures of yesterday’s eclipse.
I did not.
I wish I could say that I at least got some fun pictures of us in those goofy (but oh-so-necessary) eclipse glasses.
I did not.

But I did sit with friends, throw my head back, and watch in awe  (with those goofy glasses on) as the moon munched away at the sun until it was completely hidden. And at that moment we spontaneously broke into the Doxology.  For Great is our God – and He is greatly to be praised for the wonder of His marvelous creation!

Sabbath Rest – All Praise to Him

Apparently, there is some Eclipse Thing happening tomorrow. (Just kidding – we’re in the Path of Totality, so we have our eclipse glasses ready!) But it’s a good reminder about who it was who set those stars in place and named them!  And who is worthy of all praise and glory!

All praise to Him, the God of light
Who formed the mountains by His might
All praise to Him Who names the stars
That sing His fame in skies afar
All praise to Him Who reigns in love
Who guides the galaxies above
Yet bends to hear our every prayer
With sovereign pow’r and tender care

All praise to Him whose love is seen
In Christ the Son, the Servant King
Who left behind His glorious throne
To pay the ransom for His own
All praise to Him Who humbly came
To bear our sorrow, sin, and shame
Who lived to die, Who died to rise
The all-sufficient sacrifice

All praise to Him whose pow’r imparts
The love of God within our hearts
The Spirit of all truth and peace
The fount of joy and holiness
To Father, Son, and Spirit now
Our souls we lift, our wills we bow
To You, the triune God, we raise
With loving hearts our song of praise

Based on the hymn, “All Praise to Him Who Built the Hills” by Horatius Bonar (1808-1889). Music and additional words by Matt Merker and Bob Kauflin © 2017 Sovereign Grace Praise/BMI (adm. by Integrity Music). Sovereign Grace Music, a division of Sovereign Grace Churches. All rights reserved.

One week in

Phew, it’s been quite the week! We’ve been busy with our SOWER work here at the office
along with continuing the “settling in” process of home ownership! Thank you to all of you who commented either here or on Facebook about this step (however tentative it might be) into our new adventure! And thank you also for sharing in our joy of a new little one arriving at the end of the month! We’re looking forward to meeting our little “tiebreaker”!
But tonight I wanted to share about the sweet visit we had last weekend with our Texas kids (one of the reasons that this whole House-in-Texas thing is happening!). It was short – barely more than 24 hours – but we packed it with lots of love and snuggles! There was a birthday to celebrate (with pizza, not cake!)
How did this baby of mine get to be 43? And the Daddy to four precious little boys?
We met the day-old piglets
and joined in a little Easter egg hunt watching!
And I also got to deliver the latest bed quilt – made with love and prayers, especially for Anderson!
(When I started with this particular quilt tradition it was “When they move into a Big Bed”. Now it’s hopefully before they turn seven! Those grands were coming fast and furious for a while!)
As we said our goodbyes after the egg hunt, we made plans for them to come to OUR HOUSE before we head back east towards the end of April. And believe me, it’s been a very, very long time since I’ve been able to extend that invitation!
It felt pretty good!

Thanks again for all your encouraging comments – I really do love hearing from y’all.  Thanks for stopping by and have a blessed Lord’s Day!




[Note: This was written back in January about an event that happened last November.  Some things just take a little longer to get to press!]

We don’t often receive packages from our kids (let’s face it – when your address changes every three weeks, it’s a challenge!), so imagine my delight when our Marysville (OH) kids gave me a heads-up about a package coming for my birthday!

It arrived a few days later, and I opened it with great anticipation. There at the bottom of the box (past about 40 scrunched-up grocery bags) was a box of cookies. Hmmmm… of the many things I thought it might be, cookies had not made the list. They were individually wrapped and nicely decorated, so I thought maybe the kids had decorated them and wanted to send them to us. I took a picture of myself with the box and sent a quick text thanking them for the gift.
“So many cookies!!! Thank you! Are they from the Conrad kitchen?”
“You are welcome. We did not make them, they came from a local bakery…hope they are yummy.”

Although I was still puzzled about why they would send cookies through the mail (probably the postage was more than the purchase!), we just went about our day,  thankful for the gift. After all – they were delicious!

Later that evening we got a FaceTime call from Toby and Tammy that went something like this-

“So, Mom – about the cookies. We thought we’d better explain.”

“Did you count how many there were?”

“Yes – there were thirteen. Six were decorated in blue, six in dark pink, and one in white. I thought maybe they were red, white, and blue – maybe for Veterans’ Day?”

“Nope – that’s not it, Mom. Can you think of anything else that you have a dozen of, six of one thing and six of another?


“Well – I have a dozen grandchildren – six girls and six boys.”

“And the pink cookies could be for the girls and the blue cookies for the boys. And the white cookie could be for….”

Seventy-plus-year-old brain putting the pieces together…

“Wait – you’re having another BABY!!!”
Grins all around!

Yep – just when we thought that our family was complete, God said – “Not yet! Here’s one more blessing to add to your family!”

So come the end of April (due date on Gary’s birthday!), we’ll be welcoming a new Conrad to our clan. And he/she will be the tiebreaker – and will be very loved by all!

Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!