In other news…..

It is with a mixture of both guilt and joy that I must report I have washed my last paintbrush. Well, for a couple of weeks anyway. Guilt because along with the paint brushes, I left Gary with all the house stuff that still needs to be done and joy that my beloved Sisters’ Week has begun!! We’re mixing it up again this year by taking a road trip to Cobourg, Ontario, to visit our Canadian family. But of course it’s never just a simple road trip in our world. Since I was still in Waco bonding with that trim paint, my first step was to actually get east.
Early morning drive to Dallas to catch a plane to Philadelphia

Got to Philly without incident and then made my way to 30th street station

To catch the non-express train to Harrisburg

where I was met by my sister and her sweet hubby.
At this point, I believe Sisters’ Week had officially (mostly)begun. (Especially since I had navigated all the plane and train stuff like a true adult.)
I arrived at Joie’s a couple of days early due to finding the cheapest airfare but it was nice having these two days to decompress from my painting marathon before our road trip.
Thursday I helped out with Soft Pretzel day at the school where Joie had taught for many years (so fun!)

and today we met with friends for a lovely long breakfast, ran some errands, and prepared for the first leg of our road trip- getting to Vermont to snag the other part of our sisterhood.
We’ll be packing up the car tonight to get an early start tomorrow – and so the adventure will begin in earnest!

Back at the home front, Gary is plugging away on the house list. I’m so thankful he gave me his blessing to take this time with my sisters, and am praying that he stays off ladders and out of hot attics while I’m away.

Thanks for stopping by!

PS – in an effort to be at least a little unplugged during Sisters Week, I left my computer in Texas. This is one of my first iPad posts, so if looks weird- chalk it up to a new learning curve. 🤗

Painting Trim

To say there is a fair bit of trim in this sweet Waco house is quite the understatement. It wasn’t all in bad shape, but if you’ve ever tried to match old white trim paint – well, it just seemed simpler to give it all a fresh coat. We’re not talking big change here – but I think you can see where the new paint on the right looks better than the old paint on the left.
So let’s look at this room (it’s the smallest room in the house) and just see how much trim there is. There are those two windows (in the picture above) and then two more windows in the front, along with a door to the living room.
At the other end of the room is a closet, the door to the hallway, and a cupboard.
Oh, and six inch baseboard all around.
Every day I fill up my paint ‘jug’ and paint until it’s empty. In the six days that I’ve been painting trim I’ve gone through 1.5 gallons of trim paint, painted 17 windows, six solid doors, one set of french doors, 12 door or room openings, and haven’t even made it to the second floor.
I will confess to getting pretty agile with a 2″ roller and I’m developing a solid ‘cutting in’ technique.
Pretty sure I’m going have to move my SOWER Skill Sheet (graded on a 0 (can’t do it) to 5 (it was my job)) painting level up to a solid 3.
Maybe even a 3.5 (if there is such a thing!).
With another 11 windows, 8 doors/doorways and 2 book shelves (and 4235 +/- feet of baseboard) waiting for me on the second floor, I’ll be making a trip back to the paint counter at Lowes soon!
Oh – did I mention the stairway?
Yeah, that gets painted too.

Thanks for stopping by (and listening to me whine!! Sorry!).

Weekend Interlude

We put aside the paintbrushes and wire snips this weekend and enjoyed a grand weekend with daughter Lara and granddaughter Alexandra!
We bought this house from Lara (she worked at Baylor for several years) and so it was great that she could come to see it getting all spruced up. Plus, she hadn’t even met her newest nephew (little Anderson) and since it had been several years since she’d been here, there were lots of folks who were just plain ready to see her!!!
It was only a weekend, but we managed to cram in lots of fun!
We did the Zoo with the Waco Conrads (plus one!)-
Checked out the Baylor Campus –
Walked around the Farmer’s Market
and played in the backyard with the cousins!

We finished off the weekend with an open house/Lara’s in Town/it’s Gary’s birthday evening on Sunday. Of course, I failed to take a single pictures, but let’s just say it was a lovely evening filled with good friends and sweet conversations.

(Picture from previous firepit, but the ambiance was similar!)

Lara and Alex flew home on Monday, and it was back to work for Gary & I. In fact, my last excuse for not painting this morning is over. The dryer just buzzed that the paint clothes load is done and ready to go. And so must I!
Happy May, everyone!!

Contrary to popular belief….

We have not fallen of the face of the earth. It’s been so very quiet here in this corner of the internet because we have been totally and completely consumed by getting this sweet little house in Waco ready to sell. Although we have an interested party, they are not sure it will be happening for them (although we would both like it to!), so we have moved ahead with getting the house market ready. And you know what that means, right? Exhaustion!
Let’s start at the beginning. We were so blessed (and I mean like blessed our socks off) to have our dear friends Don and Jenny join us for our first week of the Waco Reno. What a great way to kick start the process! While Gary was working (mostly) in the attic on the electrical upgrade,
Don began tackling some of the outdoor challenges. The lawn got mowed (thanks to a sweet neighbor who loaned us her mower), some of the weeds got wacked (thanks to Josiah’s weed wacker) and the deck (and any number of other areas) got a long overdue pressure washing!
Jenny and I were hard at work doing interior painting.
They were here for 6 days – and it was a great way to kick-start this renovation!! By the time they left Don had made a good dent in the yard work department (along with being our spackle – fix it guy as we moved from room to room) and Jenny and I had gotten five rooms painted. Phew!!
Although I’m trying to put together some good before/after shots (when I remember to take the ‘before’ pictures that is), here is a sneak preview of the living room makeover. (Ok, it’s really just a paint job, but makeover sounds so much more official.)
Before –
and after –

We finished off our time with Don and Jenny with breakfast at Magnolia Table.
While Chip and Joanna did not stop by, we had a great breakfast and are pleased to pass on the tip that if you arrive around 8AM on a Wednesday, you don’t even have to wait for a table! You’re welcome.

I’ve so much more to share, but today was filled with lawn clean up, weed pulling and floor scrubbing, and this tired puppy is heading to bed!! Thanks for your patience as we navigate these getting-the-house-ready-for-market days.

Before we start April…..

Let’s finish up March, shall we? (Oh, you say, but it’s already April 6th! I understand your confusion. But let’s just say – for today only, that it’s the end of March. Please?)

Following our March SOWER project at Panfork Camp, we hit the road for Big Sandy, TX where the 2019 Texas Roundup was being held. We pulled in a couple days early
but before long the campground was full of rigs (and SOWERS ready for a great Roundup!).
A SOWER Rally (or Round-up as we like to call’em here in Texas) is simply a gathering of any SOWERS who can make it – whether you’re just starting out on your SOWER journey or have been serving for decades – for a time of fellowship, fun, and ministry refreshment. For us personally it’s a wonderful time of reconnecting with folks we’ve worked with in the past and also an opportunity to meet some of the new faces that we hope to serve with in the future. Between the speakers and the activities, it’s always a great reminder of just why we do what we do. This year’s Round-up was no exception! Here are just a couple of the highlights –

  • We were blessed two mornings with messages from Lew Sterrett and his team from Sermon on the Mount.
    So many Biblical lessons were shared – if you ever have the opportunity to hear him (or someone from his ministry) I urge you to take advantage of it! He was excellent!
  • We shared lunches and dinners together – always a great time of fellowship! Whether it was catered by ALERT or a good old fashioned (and always delicious) SOWER potluck
    (Oh yeah, baby. Desserts!)
    Or the beautiful banquet ALERT put on for us –
    (Don’t ask me what I’m doing in this picture – I haven’t a clue!)
    the fellowship around the table is always sweet!
  • Our days always started with a time of worship, and we were led by the incredibly talented Salty Strings.
    John and Connie not only share Christ through their music ministry, they are SOWERS too!! We loved getting to meet them and get to know them!
  • Another tradition at SOWER rallies is the auction. While it’s true that we are basically just trying to sell stuff we don’t want to other folks that don’t really need any more stuff, we certainly do try to have a good time while we do it!
    Gary Auction
    Money was raised – and laughter did happen!
  • But of course, the main attraction and true blessing of any SOWER gathering are the people!

Oh, my! When we all joined hands and sang our SOWER theme song, the room resounded with “Hear Ye the Master’s Call!”
(If this picture is just showing several blurry white balls, and you would like to actually see the picture, just click on the picture. 🙂 )

We can’t thank enough all the people that worked to put this most excellent Roundup together and ALERT Academy who once again so graciously hosted the event! What a wonderful way to finish up our busy winter season!
We pulled out on Wednesday, delighting in the spring green, and ready to tackle our next project!

Seeing the country……Serving our Lord!