Isn’t rain good luck?

It’s 7AM and it’s raining. But the RV is packed and we’re headed out at 8AM to begin this awesome (and sometimes overwhelming) adventure. Lots of family here to send us off – and we’re planning on going to Church and then leaving from there. I know we will need a LOT OF PRAYER over these next months (and years?). Feel free to jump in at any time!
Lots of last minute items to wrap up (like finding the coffee), so I’m off and running!
RV there yet?

(I’m sure I’ll have kinks to work out of the internet connectivity, so I may not get a chance to post again for a couple of days.)

12 thoughts on “Isn’t rain good luck?”

  1. Yay! I’ll be watching…so you better keep updating this. We need to know what’s happening with you guys!

    Love you!

  2. it’s christiana . . .glad you are safely on your way. i was driving back from the cabin yesterday and thought i might meet you on the road somewhere.

    i’m going to enjoy hearing about your adventures!

  3. Good luck on your trip. Lara sent me, and I’ll keep you in my prayers. Have some fun!

    Doug V

  4. Hi Lara sent me too!

    My fiance, Byron, and I were actually able to finally meet Lara before we left the Bay Area on our own road trip adventure of sorts. We are in the process of moving to Chicago. We are in Evanston, Wisconsin tonight.

    I love the name/URL for your site. Also can totally relate to what to do with too much stuff. Our move is temporary (Byron is going to the University of Chicago to get his MBA), so we packed a great deal of our stuff in storage, taking what we thought were the necessities. We thought we could send it off in one “pod” — we ended up stuffing 2 pods to the brim (with stuff leftover). Then when we packed the car (a Honda civic), we found ourselves at the Kinkos on the corner at 10:30pm on a Saturday night with three more boxes of stuff to mail via FedEx Ground.

    Best of luck on your adventure!


    ps. Have you seen ?

  5. We somehow managed to quilt last night without you, but it was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do! It was nice to talk to you though. Keep us posted on where you’re gonna be next!

  6. Hey Mom and Dad. This is your Ohio family saying hi. We are looking forward to hearing about your adventure when you come out in September. Ellie misses you both.

    Have fun.

  7. Hi,
    I forgot about this site, and have been waiting for an email–how old fashioned of me! I can’t believe you were here Sunday, and we missed you. We were on our own little road trip to York Beach Maine to celebrate our anniversary, and the only bad thing was missing you. We’ll see you soon, though. Joie and Fitz pulled in about 6 tonight-after a 16 hour trip (including naps and a 3 hour visit with Aunt Berta, Dorothy and Catherine. I sure am glad I got to wave goodbye to you–such an adventure, and we’re praying for safety and, as you put it last weekend, gentle spirits. I’m shocked to hear you’re thinking about rearranging things already–if you move anything it will all fall down! Amazing how much went into the RV the last day.
    Lots of love, Elna and Henry

  8. Hi there Steph, this is your camping friend from Ohio.
    Just wanted to let you know my husband and I are thinking about you. I will miss talking to you when I call Nancy regarding Limitorque. Did you guess who this is. Have a great time and I do envy you because my husband and I would never drive a motorhome. Our trailer sits on cement blocks in our campground in Slippery Rock, PA. Take care. Sally

  9. Greetings Steph! Haven’t seen a post for a while and I didn’t want the dream to die! Let me know if you need some technical support on this one (ha!) Really, if you need help throwing u a post from time to time I’d be happy to lend a hand…

    Looks like you have a great family/church support team here in PA! Cool! Hope you’re having fun!

    Scott Natter – Save Template Changes.

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