Acadia National Park – WOW

Lot’s of you told us to make sure we made it to Acadia – and made it we did!
Today dawned so beautiful after yesterday’s rain that it was breathtaking. We started the day with an 8AM Worship service right in the part at one of the Campgrounds (run by Christian Ministry to the National Parks). What a wonderful place to Worship our Awesome God! It was a great start to the day.
From there we did the Park Loop road – and you have to know it was impossible to take any bad pictures. The sky was soooo blue, and the rocks were soooo magnificent and the waves were soooooo waves(?)…I’m sure you know what I mean. (I’m posting from a central modem at the campground and a line is forming, so I won’t have time to upload the gazillion pictures I took, but keep checking – they’ll be here soon!)
We did some more biking (about 5 miles) and I was once again reminded what TERRIBLE shape I’m in. (Not to the mention the sore butt thing…) However, a lovely lunch in a restaurant right in the park soon chased those thoughts away, and we headed up Cadillac Mountain (in the truck!). Such vistas! Such an awesome Creator!!!
Hopefully I’ll get more posted later, but I hate to tie up the one camp modem.

Oh – we’ve heard from Judy, Gary’s sister who lives in Punta Gorda, FL. She lost her home to Hurricane Charley, although she (and her two dogs) are ok. Please pray for her (and of course the many other victim of that storm) – it will be a rough time ahead for her.

Thanks – hope all is well with you!

3 thoughts on “Acadia National Park – WOW”

  1. I thought Mount Washington was the highest peak on the east coast….Or do you mean right along the ocean?

    I have a question for you about quilting….wondering if you could maybe help me with something. I’m thinking of making a wall hanging for my staff this year… maybe.

    Perhaps I’ll call tomorrow? Are you accessible by phone?

    Love you!

  2. May God continue to bless you in your travels. You certainly have seen your fair share of rain recently. Things back in Bucks County are going well, your son, has moved out of my place, it was enjoyable to give him a place to stay for the time that he did. I will keep you in my prayers have blessed travels.

  3. Yes, Gary surely needs a tan. And Gary, whats with the beard? Sounds like you two are having an excellent time on the road. Hope the traffic isn’t too bad along your route of discoveries. Have a safe drive and sorry about your sisters house.
    BTW Gary, if you wanna send a email to the store its:
    Jim @URI Warminster

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