The Rain in Maine…..

August 20th….
Looks like the weatherman was right – a good old rainy day. We decided not to let it stop us, though, and off to Acadia we went. You know, even on drizzly miserable days, Acadia National Part is still pretty amazing. I wouldn’t recommend driving up Cadillac Mountain (the highest peak on the East coast (all the way to Rio) at 1350 ft., doncha know!)- the rain and clouds made not only the view invisible, but the road was pretty hard to see too! No photo ops there! Walked around Bar Harbor in the drizzle and by mid day the rain was coming down in sheets, so we headed back to Lizzie to get warm and dry. We had wanted to get some fresh fish for dinner, and although you can pick up a lobsta’ on almost any corner, finding that fresh caught Haddock or whatever, proved to be quite a challenge. Ended up at the supermarket! Geeeezzz. Oh – we did check out a local brewery (along with many other “what am I gonna do on a rainy day in Maine” tourists) and tasted some Blueberry Ale. What’ll they think of next!

We decided to do Blueberry Pancakes – real Maine wild blueberries – with Real Vermont Maple Syrup for dinner. You’d be surprises how yummy that is on a rainy night. Even had some “Bog Blush” cranberry wine that we got in Plymouth, MA. A very New England meal.

Sunday we do Acadia FOR REAL!

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