Faith Baptist Christian School, Vienna, GA

Tomorrow we begin our first SOWER’s Assignment. We are joining experienced Sowers Dick and Sharon Brittell on a project here in Vienna, GA – the Faith Baptist Christian School. We’ve gotten our “assignments”- the men will be tackling some building and equipment repairs and Sharon and I will start with trying to rehab a group of diner booths for them to use in their lunch room. We’ll all be working on cleaning up the grounds and working on some outdoor projects. We excited to get started – and will keep you posted on how the project goes. Tomorrow I’ll take some “before” pictures so we can keep track of our progress! God is really blessing this ministry – and I know we’ll be blessed to be part of the ministry.

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  1. Wow looks like you’re having some fun. Can’t believe you visited something as exciting as the Chile festival so early in the journey. Tough act to follow. Only my second visit to your blog and I am very jealous as I prepare to get ready for work tomw. Did you visit any of those Baptist Churches?

    Blessings from Jan and Kris

  2. Hi, Guys!
    We didn’t make it to any of those churches – but we have been to Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany (with the Gahagans), and this Sunday we went to the Third Street Baptist Church in Cordele (with our “hosts” from this Sower’s Project.) Sherwood was a mega church – quite a production. Third Street was a quiet Baptist Church that was between pastors. We heard a guy who was candidating. Both services, though very different, were full of praise and worship. It was good to be in the House of the Lord!
    Thanks for visiting – hope you guys are well!!!

  3. Hi Guys,
    You folks sound like your having a wonderful time sightseeing. The pics posted look very beautiful and we’re extremely jealous of not being able to see them ourselves. We hope you two are finding yourselves, relaxing and basically enjoying the ride. Gary, it was nice to hear from you the other week, that was a surprising phone call. If you two should happen to be in the neighborhood, stop by the store.. we’ll have a cold one waiting for you.

    Jim and Dawn Valderrama@uri BTW.. that is dave’s email at the store. Save Template Changes.

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