It’s not all work…..

Our Sower’s work week is only four days, so on Friday we left early to see some more of Georgia. We headed west – through Plains, (I think Jimmy and Roseanne were still sleeping), Americus (home of Habitat for Humanity) and on to Providence Canyon State Park just outside of Lumpkin, GA. This is home of the Little Grand Canyon of Georgia. Now we haven’t made it to the Grand Canyon yet, and I’m sure this is nothing really compared to that, but it’s pretty impressive for Georgia! Check out our photo’s page for some pictures of that beautiful park.
From there we went to Westville – an 1840’s village in Lumpkin. We’ve done historic villages in the north – this was the first one in the south. It was very interesting to see the differences – both in architecture and lifestyle. This Yankee is really getting an education!
Saturday night we saw a “Swamp Gravy” production – Georgia’s State Folk Life play. It was a great play – and if you’d like to know just what Swamp Gravy is – here’s a link to a recipe – !

One thought on “It’s not all work…..”

  1. Hi Steph & Gary,
    Enjoying your road trip at the end of my day. The pictures are really beautiful and you do sound relaxed. It was great to talk with you Steph on Saturday. Took care of business as you recommended and all is well.
    Love you guys. Keep up the good work!! Mary

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