Other Fun Stuff…

While we were here in Vienna, we got to experience some pretty “fun stuff”. Along with the all the activities I mentioned in earlier posts, we were able to visit a pecan cracking facility, TerriLynn Pecans and a cotton gin, Nobel Gin and Cotton warehouse. Both were very interesting (and very noisy!). We took in the Cotton Museum here in Vienna (did you know that a bale of cotton (about 500#) can produce 7,800 men’s hankerchiefs or 1200 men’s T-shirts or 300 pairs of jeans!) and the Georgia Rural Telephone Museum in Leslie. Today we also did Andersonville – the site of the famous Civil War prisoner of war camp and the home of the Prisoner of War Museum. A very sobering afternoon. But before we went there we stopped in Americus and visited the Habitat for Humanity International Discovery Center. That was a stop that, while graphically illustrating the desperate situations many people live in (world-wide), was also filled with hope as it spoke about homes being built and lives being changed.
I don’t think we’re done with Georgia yet – heading north in a couple of days. We’ll keep you posted, I promise!

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