A Pretty Perfect Campground

I can’t say we’ve seen ‘em all, but we are beginning to get opinionated about campgrounds in general. Too big usually means too impersonal. We don’t like to be nickel and dimed to death (one campground charged $4.00 for incoming faxes and $10.00 for a bundle of wood). Pay showers are another turn off. And of course, dirty rest rooms and laundry rooms just send shivers down my spine. So, imagine our complete delight when we stumbled upon Creekwood Resort outside of Helen, Georgia. I know I mentioned them earlier, but it was just such a pleasant experience that I wanted to add a little more detail. There are only 18 sites, all nestled in the trees around just one loop. On the road above are three lovely cottages (3 bedrooms, Jacuzzi, the works). A clean bathroom and laundry room where you pay for the wash, but the drier is included. Our friendly hosts, Melissa and Robert, helped us park, delivered firewood, and gave great suggestions for sights to see and places to eat. Our neighbors were all friendly and I’m sure if we had stayed a couple of more days, we’d all be good friends!
Tonight we’re at an “OK” campground outside of Chattanooga. Rest rooms are clean and it’s pretty quiet. But it certainly doesn’t have the friendly feel of our delightful discovery in the mountains of Northern Georgia – Creekwood Resort.

Here we are – Nestled in the woods.

2 thoughts on “A Pretty Perfect Campground”

  1. Hi there Steph and Gary, I thought I would check your website and loved all the pictures. Sounds like you are having the time of your lift. Since meeting you this is fun to check on the travels and see the pictures. Hope all is well and enjoy this wonderfull adventure. Things are as usual crazy here at Peerless, miss talking to you. Yes, John is behaving himself except when he harrasses Nancy,

    Your friend Sally Spencer

  2. Stephanie….
    While in Tennessee, please try to stop into the town of Franklin TN, just 30 minutes or so south of Nashville. There in the heart of the town is that fabric store I had visited that contained bolt piled upon bolt of fabric. I thought that I was a “fabric-holic” until I saw the fabric stash in her store. I do not recall the prices. They were probably average, but I do recall never seeing so much fabric piled everywhere, that I remember taking picture after picture because I wanted all the girls in our PCS Quilt group to see.
    Take care….Love Dale

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