Mammoth Cave National Park

“In the beginning you laid the foundations of the earth, and the heavens are the work of your hands” Psalm 102:25
Today we saw some of the Foundations of the Earth – just a small portion of the caves at Mammoth National Park in Cave City, Kentucky. It was an amazing 2+ hour tour – and as we descended over 150 feet into spectacular caves, I couldn’t help but marveling that before the foundations of the earth were formed (and there I was looking at them!), God loved me. WOW. The park was running on an “off season” schedule, which meant they weren’t offering as many tours, but to us it meant that there were only 20+ in our group instead of 120+. Our tour included hundreds of steep steps and tight spaces, but was very do-able. If you’re younger and more agile (and not afraid of teeny tiny places) they have other more adventurous tours. Be my guest. Pictures were very hard to take and still get the “feel” of these caves. This is one I downloaded from the NPS website –

This one I took (in the formation area)- but still it doesn’t really capture it!

And besides the caves, there are many many trails to explore. If you ever are in the area – don’t miss this one!

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