Land of Lincoln and Bourbon

You might think of Lincoln as an Illinois Boy, but he was born in a log cabin near Hodgenville, KY. He lived there until he was two when his family moved just up the road a piece to Knob Hill Farm. By the time he was seven his family was on the move again, through Indiana and finally settling in Illinois. We did a smattering of Lincoln things – his birthplace and childhood home along with the Lincoln Museum. It was very interesting.
From there we went to the Maker’s Mark Distillery for their (free!) factory tour. No free samples, but a fun tour. Did you know that they use an aging barrel (oak, with the interior charred) only once – and about 1600 a week? I think our next tour should be that barrel factory! Each barrel is aged an average of 6 years – and is bottled only when their four tasters all agree on the correct taste. Once they are done with the barrel, they sell it to other distilleries (in Scotland) for aging scotch. How’s that for recycling!?!?

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