Birthday’s on the road

Today was my birthday – you know, fifty something! It was a travel day for us –and a delightful one at that! We traveled from Kentucky into Tennessee and saw the beginnings of the Great Smoky Mountains. They are truly spectacular. We stopped for special lunch at Litton’s Market in Knoxville, TN. We found it in our “Road Food” book and since it was on the way decided to stop. Aside from the stress of driving Lizzie into city streets (more my stress than Gary’s!), it was a very good decision. The food was wonderful – all fresh and homemade. We took one of their “best in Knoxville” desserts home to enjoy with dinner. I enjoyed calls from the kids and my sisters, and email Birthday wishes from friends. Added to that a beautiful drive over the Norris Dam …….

and a stop at the Museum of Appalachia, and it was a very fine birthday!

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