We started our stay in South Carolina with a day trip to Charleston. We had wanted to see Fort Sumter, and many folks had commented what a great city Charleston was. I must confess we were disappointed. I must also confess that the biggest problem was that it started to rain shortly after we arrived and by the time we ended the day, it was a full blast pouring rain kind of day. We did get to Fort Sumter, where the first shot of the Civil War was shot. It was very interesting, but the weather did dampen our enthusiasm. We also had the impression that Charleston is an expensive city to be a tourist in. While the Fort was free, parking was $5.00 and then there was a $12.00/person boat ride to get there. Hmmmm. Free……
I did find an unexpected Quilt shop that Gary pulled right over for! He really is training nicely!
If we had more free days here I’d give Charleston another chance. Honest!

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