Home for the Holidays!

Though we never expected it to be the case, we’ll be “home” for the holidays! Well, we’ll be at Toby’s home for the holidays, but we’re headed to Doylestown to catch up with friends there first. But FIRST – we have Josiah’s graduation on Saturday!!!!! Yippee! We’re Very Proud of him!
We head out EARLY (Gary is saying 4AM) tomorrow for the trek north. We’re leaving the RV here in Kingstree, so we’ll be mooching off family and friends for a couple weeks! Hope they’ll have us!
We’ll be talkin’ soon, K?

2 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays!”

  1. Hey Conrads! We miss you out here in PA….
    Tell the OHIO KRAUSSES that the D-Town Krauss send their love and happiness for the holidays.
    Your “little sister” in Christ,

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