Our Last week at the Green Isle Boy’s Ranch

We’ve had a good week here at Green Isle. It’s been a week of watching acquaintances grow into friends. As we share our “stories” and look into God’s Word during our devotions, work together on projects, get together in the evenings for a game or two, and come together for a meal or two, folks that were strangers just two weeks ago are now dear friends. It certainly is one of the beautiful side effects of the Sower concept!

The weather was lovely until Friday when we had our first rainy and cold day since our arrival. Since it was our “day off” it was nice just to sleep in, do some chores and take naps. Gary worked on reorganizing a couple of cupboards while I sewed to my heart’s content. I was able to finish piecing Hayley’s quilt, so it was a good day indeed (at least for me!). We joined several other Sower couples at the Honey Pot Eatery (a local hot spot!) for their Friday night all you can eat fish fry. Yummmm. Saturday we drove to St. Petersburg and spent the day with my niece Christiana, nephew Mike and his wife Robyn. We hit the downtown market and wandered around Fort DeSoto. The weather wasn’t all that Florida-like (we have been very spoiled!), but we had a grand time none the less. Mike managed to fit in some fishing (he’s addicted), but after our outing we just hung around, ate pizza and watched Pittsburgh beat the Jets. Yes, a good time!

This is our last week here at the Boy’s Ranch. The tutoring is going pretty well – if I could just convince my guy about the value of reviewing the material before he takes the quiz. (Since I’m learning it at the same time he is, the review is pretty helpful (no, necessary) to me too!). Gary’s been tuning up all of the HVAC/R equipment, and that’s going pretty well too. (Here’s a “small world” event – when we went to the supply house in Orlando for parts, who should be working behind the counter but a fellow that had worked for us back in the eighties! My oh my!)

Did I tell you the Disney Truck delivers leftover Disney food here once a week…….we’ve had some pretty nice treats! Ah, sweet Charity!

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