Is it February ALREADY?

Today is February 3, 2005 – our granddaughter Ellie’s 2nd Birthday. Wow, did that ever go fast. This week was also our six month anniversary of being “retired” or whatever it is that we are. I think of us as just unemployed, but whatever you want to call it, it has been a grand six months. To those of you who faithfully stop by to see where we’ve been and where we’re headed – Thanks! Please feel free to add a comment so we know you’ve visited. And if you’re a first time visitor – welcome to our adventure! We hope you stop by often.
We just spent almost a week in the driveway of friends in Ft. Myers. We were very bad tourists, for although we located a couple of nature preserves and historic houses, somehow we never quite got to any! One of the reasons we just hung around home so much was the lovely setting that we were enjoying – here’s the view in the early morning light…..See what I mean?

We certainly enjoyed our visit with Jim and Sue and their daughter Missy and her husband Rich. We were also blessed to be present for the big news that not only is Missy newly pregnant, but she is expecting TWINS! Sue was exhausted just thinking about it! It’s a good thing she only has to be the Gramma and not the Mom! It exhausts me and I’m just the friend of the Gramma and Grampa! Here we are together on our last evening – it was great to be together with such dear friends.

We also were able to get together with Bill and Irene Creighton, friends from Jamison. Irene used to do some office work for us, and she and Bill now live in Ft. Myers 6 months of the year. As is often the case, we don’t see too much of them when they’re in Jamison, so it’s only fitting that we tracked them down in Ft. Myers. Again, another special day!

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