On the other side of Disney….

What do you get when you take 6 adults and 2 small children, put them together in an RV and a tent on one campsite, add a five day Disney pass and almost perfect weather?
Eight very tired people who thoroughly enjoyed themselves (to the point of exhaustion it seemed at times) and each other immensely!
We truly had a special time as a family at Fort Wilderness and Disney World last week. It’s hard to believe that something we’ve talked about and been planning for over three years is now just a wonderful memory to be cherished.
Yes, we were a little cramped and
Yes, there was “stuff” everywhere and
Yes, our precious 2 yr old Ellie suffered a couple of meltdowns from excitement overload combined with late nights and missing naps and
Yes, we ALL went home with colds and the need for repeated naps,
Hayley was content in her stroller for hours on end,
Ellie got to hug Snow White, Mickey Mouse, any number of Lion King friends, Winnie the Pooh, Stitch (or was it Lilo?) and even Nemo.
Toby, Tammy, Lara and Josiah got to ride the roller coasters and see the shows they wanted to. Gary and I even took in a few ‘coasters and shared some old people moments while we enjoyed the company of the grandbabies while the big kids took their turns!
We got to share meals together (even getting together with my niece Bethany who lives in NY City, but who happened to be in FL on a mini-vacation) and even agreed (mostly) on what kind of food we should be eating! (BTW, everything was delicious and while not a bargain, was not totally out of sight price-wise!)
We played miniature golf, sat around the campfire and sang silly songs with Chip and Dale, spent recovery time just hangin’ round the campground and never left the Disney Complex (except to do airport runs) the entire time.
It was a VERY WONDERFUL WEEK and one that I believe we will all cherish for years to come.
Lara’s back in California, Toby, Tammy and the girls are back in Columbus (trying to reestablish their routine, I’m sure) and Josiah is back in Doylestown. The RV is quiet again, and I’m missing them already!
Here we are at the Disney miniature golf course – with a trailer of course!

(There are a couple of new pictures of the girls on the family picture page – I must confess that most of the pictures centered around Ellie (and I’m sure you’ll be able to tell why!) )

4 thoughts on “On the other side of Disney….”

  1. I can still remember sitting in the office with you and the HPI gang as you told us how you were all gonna go to Disney! It really is hard to believe that it was 3 years ago. The picture tells a thousand words. I’m really glad that you guys had a great time. Just an FYI – I check your website daily, even though I rarely post – I’ll try to post more. God has surly blessed the two of you through this wonderful experience. Just hoping that he brings you back into the old neighborhood before you head out west (finally). Missing you, Michelle

  2. Hi Aunt Steph- Great to see you all settled into Disney well! It was a fun surprise and I’m sure you were all extraordinarilly wiped out at the end of the week! I finally am completing my part of the “bargain” and reading through a bunck of really fun storries on your site. I can’t wait to hear how your 3 weeks at Teen Challenge went…and where you’re off to next! Maybe I’ll run into you again somewhere 🙂 Thanks for dinner, again!

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