February draws to a close!

It might be the shortest month of the year, but we managed to fill it right up! We started off with a visit to Gary’s sister Judy (in hurricane ravaged Punta Gorda) and some driveway camping Ft. Myers at our friends Jim & Sue Taylor’s home. From there we hit Disney for our long planned Family Adventure. It was great getting better acquainted with Ellie (age 2) and Hayley (10wks) and it was wonderful all being together. I think we’ve all recovered from the exhaustion of so much fun! After a couple of stops along the way, we ended up at the SOWER’s Reunion at The Life for Youth Camp in Vero Beach. We’ve been hanging around here (after the reunion) and have just been enjoying the Florida sunshine and some of the local sights.
We made it to the beach – and got a first hand look at another hard hit hurricane coast. Here is Gary walking on the beach –

And this is the view looking the other way…..

The Blue Tarp roofs are everywhere! Hurricane season is certainly more than just a memory here.
Along with the beach we took in a local quilt show for me and the Navy SEAL Museum for Gary. And we got to spend time with our friends Dave and Edie. We have one more day in our little “campground” in the back of this Camp and then we head off to new adventures.
Here’s a shot of our camping spot – we enjoyed the company of those two sand cranes (on the right side) for almost a whole day!

See ya in March!

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