Eureka Springs!

Remember that beautiful weekend I mentioned earlier? Well…….
We decided to make the most of our three day weekend and headed out to Eureka Springs for a nice over-night getaway. It was delightful indeed! The weather was picture perfect, just what Spring is all about. Eureka Springs and the surrounding areas gained popularity at the turn of the century as a health retreat (hence the “springs”) and declined during the depression and following years. I don’t know when the revival began, but the town (to me) had the feel of a Cape Cod in the Ozarks. There was a true Victorian flavor to the town, lots of quaint artsy shops, beautifully restored B&B’s in the downtown district, and lots of interesting restaurants all tucked into the up and down hills of a town whose population is 2217. I think they must all work in the tourist industry! There is a famous (at least in this area) Passion Play that runs from late April through October that also draws a large crowd. We treated ourselves to a night at a lovely Bed & Breakfast, 5 Ojo Inn, that was delightful. The breakfast we had on Saturday lasted us all day. We saw a beautiful glass and wooden chapel, Thorncrown Chapel that was magnificent in its simplicity. We visited the Blue Spring Heritage Center outside of Eureka Springs that was home to another healing spring. We toured an interesting house, the Quigley Castle, “The Ozark’s Strangest Dwelling” and not really a castle at all, but very unique. The tour was run by the granddaughter and her husband, who actually live in the house! Talk about entrepreneurship! We enjoyed strolling through town and seeing some of the historic buildings in the area. AND we went to the local Thrift shop where they were having a $5.00 Bag sale. Yep, it was a Very Nice Weekend! I’ll try to get some pictures posted on the Pictures Pages if you’d like to see the sights!
Oh, another high point (literally) was when we sat on the veranda of the Crescent Hotel and were able to call each of the kids! Ah, the beauty of cell phone service!

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  1. I love Eureka Springs, I’m so glad that you posted about it as I miss it a lot, especially in the Springtime! I did my graduate assistant work in SW Missouri and Eureka was our “get away” for day trips. I loved the whole feeling of the city! I especially had a good giggle when driving through the Passion Play “city” – they have a buffet-style restaurant where I always joked that “The Last Supper is served EVERY NIGHT!” I’m glad you’re also enjoying the area. Did you at all happen to see the James River Assembly church (north of Branson on 65.) It’s huge. Huge. ~~ By the way, if you see a Lambert’s restaurant, I recommend going!!! Okay enough of my rambling. 🙂

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