On the way north….

We’ve left the beautiful Ozarks and are making our way to Pennsylvania. We traveled across the top of Arkansas and once we left all of the roads marked “windy(as in curvy) and steep road next 10 miles(or 8 miles or 4 miles)”, Arkansas became very FLAT and windy (as in great gusts of wind). In fact, when we reached our stopping place – Walnut Ridge, AR- and parked in the Walmart, the wind was so strong that we opted not to stay there. After Gary made a couple of mad dashes to keep rouge shopping carts from slamming into Lizzie the RV, we decided to move to a spot that offered a little more protection. We were in Walnut Ridge to connect with daughter Lara who had come to AR to visit a friend. We had a nice afternoon and evening visit and then moved AGAIN (we were less than a block from a Very Busy Railroad Track) to a lovely quiet Walmart in Paragould, AR. (Yes, that’s the life of the Walmart Camper!). We had a great nights sleep, and continued on our trek north. Tonight we’re just north of Lexington KY where it is VERY COLD!!!! What happened to Spring? I think they’re calling for wet snow tonight. Yikes!
I have a good Cell phone signal, so I’ll try to get those SOTO and Arkansas pictures posted…….

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