Other Arkansas Sights

Besides the great new friends we made, and the lovely (well most of the time) weather we enjoyed, there was also the livestock that kept us smiling! Ponies, llamas, deer, buffalo, horses, goats, donkeys – some were in the petting zoo, some were free roaming, and some were actually wild!
Here is Beuford the Buffalo – he lived just up the hill from us. We just waved as we went by!

We really enjoyed the horses at SOTO. There were always some that were free roaming- and you never knew where you would find them in the morning. These guys just seemed to pose for us…

We took a long trail ride on one of our last days there. John took us across Big Creek and high up to one of the bluffs. This is a shot of Gary and I with a view of Big Creek behind us. I’m sure you can see why we loved this project!

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