Made it to PA!

Phew, we made it into the state. We traveled in the SNOW all day Sunday. It was just a little stressful since it was also through the mountains of West Virginia and Maryland. By the time we landed in Hagerstown we were exhausted! Today we took a short hop to Carlisle where we were able to spend some time with my sister Joie, husband Fitz, daughter Abby, and daughter Hannah, her husband Brian, and children Exley, Brianna, Mason, Grace and Pierson. We had a fun dinner at Hoss’s and then came back to the RV for more visit time. The whole crowd didn’t stay the whole time – and as you can see by this picture, it’s probably a good thing!

Family is such a good thing! And speaking of family – check out the official family pages for new pictures of our darling grandbaby daughters!
I think I’ll be sleeping tonight with a smile!

2 thoughts on “Made it to PA!”

  1. ooh, what fun! i wish i could have joined you all. but i’m glad for the picture.


  2. Hey Stephanie and Gary,
    It seems you are having a very fun and adventurous time! I’ve checked your web page on occasion to see what you’re up to. Hopefully, the snow is over for a few months!We wanted to invite you to Ruth’s (our daughter Ruth) wedding. She got engaged on Dec. 21st and the wedding is June 18th. She is marrying Dave Moore…don’t know if you guys know him or not.? We are pleased and are happy for her. We would like to send an invitation but don’t know where that would be….so until I find an address that will be suitable please consider yourselves invited to the wedding….Sat. morning, 10:00 on June 18th. would also appreciate your prayers for all the details that seem overwhelming these next few weeks.

    Hope God continues to bless you and give you joy in your work/travel/marriage/life!

    I’m enjoying teaching choral music at Plumstead Chr. School which I started in Jan. Feels weird to be back. I will probably enjoy any comments you have concerning the madrigal dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Andrew will graduated from High School in a few weeks and Ruth graduates from Cedarville next weekend. We are still spending quite a bit of time in Buffalo with Dan’s parents. It has been trying and sometimes difficult for all but we persevere.

    Til later,
    emily young

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