Heading to Vermont!

We’ve been home for a week now – and are all comfy in the driveway. I’ve spent time gardening, sorting through stuff (mostly in the RV) and connecting with friends. It’s been a busy, but good week! Tomorrow I head to Vermont and my beloved Cabin to spend a week with my (more beloved) sisters! It seems odd to say I’m leaving on a vacation tomorrow when one would think I’ve been vacationing for the last 10 months, but this definitely has a different “feel” to it. It will be quite a change from the 24-7 togetherness that Gary and I have been enjoying, but at the same time it will probably be a nice break for both of us (although I do think I get the better end of the deal!).
Today I did something that I have never done before. I gave Josiah a haircut!!!! He’s been growing his beard for a Youth Group fund raiser, and his hair has been growing along with it. Here’s a “before” picture:

And here’s the after shot – the beard is still there, and I figure in a couple of weeks he can go to a real barber and get the damage repaired……….

Guess I’d better keep my day job, huh? (Oh, that right, I don’t HAVE a day job! oops!)

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