Is June half over?????

WOW – it’s been awhile!!! Even though we’ve been sitting “quietly” in our driveway, we’ve been extremely busy. I was able to spend the first week of June with my sisters at our family cabin in Vermont (Check out the Family Pictures page for more details about that wonderful week and some family shots – but just so you know why I love this place so, here is my traditional “cabin from the pond” shot, and one of the beautiful sunsets we watched from the back porch.)

Poor Gary was left home alone without even a phone! He was busy doing odd jobs around Lizzie, getting his old work truck ready to sell, and generally enjoying some peace and quiet. He’s been a little under the weather with some allergy junk so I think he did a little extra resting too! Since I’ve been home it’s been gardening, sorting through stuff, deciding how to get sell some of the remaining furniture in the house, and generally working up a long range plan for the house. We’ve been able to get together with friends and have really enjoyed our time here on our home turf.
Yesterday was the wedding of Jeff Davis and Christine Matticola. It was really the reason that we decided to come home for June – and it was a delightful event. It was made especially nice in that Toby, Tammy, Ellie & Hayley were here for the weekend. It was great being around the little ones – and even pretty darn nice catching up with Toby and Tammy. Here’s the family at the wedding –

And here’s one of our “extra son” Jeff and his bride Christine.

We’re very glad we were able to join them in this celebration!

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