Another Month is over!

Just a quick note to let you know whazzup with us here in Illinois. We’ve had a great time getting to know our fellow Sowers here along with other volunteers and staff workers here. Aside from having devotions together, working together, and eating some meals together, we’ve also had lots of fun playing cards together and sharing each other’s “stories”. We have been truly blessed to be able to move from place to place and yet to find “community” at each stop. (Plus, we’ve learned a couple of new card games!)

This weekend Gary & I are heading into Chicago for an anniversary Get-Away! We’re not really city folk, but I’ve heard that Chicago is a pretty neat city, so we’re giving it a shot. I did “Price-line” for our hotel room – and think I got a pretty good deal. We’ll be right downtown. Whoeee! Quite out of our comfort zone, but I’m looking forward to it. Any suggestions?

The other night we were sitting out (with our Illinois community) and enjoyed this sunset.

We are so blessed!

3 thoughts on “Another Month is over!”

  1. Lara was advertising that it’s your anniversary. Just wanted to wish you well and congratulations on the accomplishment. Hope you’re having fun.


  2. Wish we could have been with you on your anniversary. Hope you had a good time. How many has it been? We just celebrated 48! Have been enjoying your web site & pictures. God Bless you both

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