Half Done!

Just a quick post to say hello! After our outstanding weekend in Chicago, we’re back at work at Cedar Creek. I’ve been on the door painting detail – “Sweet Chocolate Brown” is now officially on my painting clothes! Every day is a new day – I think tomorrow I’ll be hemming curtains! It’s hard to believe that this “project” is already half over. We’ve certainly enjoyed our time here. This weekend we’re planning on going to Starved Rocks State Park… Hopefully this beautiful weather will hold (though they are pretty desperate for RAIN out here).
And I’ll be planning on another trip to my new favortie Ottawa place – Jeremiah Joe’s Cafe (with wireless internet!) Oh, we did find this great little church that meets right upstairs from the cafe – Christ Community Church. Very alive in the Lord! We were blessed by worshipping with them this past Sunday, and are looking forward to being there again this week.
Keeping those hurricane victims in our prayers – and trying to figure out how we can be of help.
Later, dear friends….

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