Illinois, Indiana, Ohio

Well, if nothing else, my geography is getting better!
We left our Illinois project Thursday afternoon (in the drizzling rain) and headed to Elkhart, Indiana for some warranty work on Lizzie. It was a long drive to do in the dark, but finding diesel gas for $2.55/gal was a bright spot (how sad is that!). Plus we were able to stay at the “campground” at the plant for free for two nights – and it even had hook-ups. How sweet….
But anyway – we enjoyed the sights of Amish Indiana, but since we were heading to see family we didn’t dawdle too long. So here we are in Columbus and here is why I haven’t had much chance to keep you good friends up to date:
mmmm….grandchildren! =)
Today we head out for a two night camping trip with the Ohio Conrads. We’re headed to a campground near Dayton, so we won’t be traveling too far. It should be an adventure – we haven’t quite figured out where the girls will be sleeping, but I dare say, by the end of the day we’ll have it down pat. The weather looks promising and Ellie is very excited to be “camping with Grams and Pops!”
Gotta get packing –

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  1. Greetings Uncle Gary & Aunt Steph! This is the first that we’ve had our computer up and running to view your wonderful site. We’ll pop in to check out your pictures and to see how everybody is – please send us your email, so that we can send pictures of our daughter, Phil & Pam’s kids, too.
    Best wishes on your journeys – our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love, Andy, Kathy and Zoe

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