Our Time in Marysville

Our time in Columbus
There were tears yesterday as we pulled out from Toby and Tammy’s house in Ohio. We had such a lovely time – even though I’m sure we outstayed our welcome! We were there for 9 days – which is about 6 days more than a visit from the in-laws should be, but hopefully having our own house with us made it a little more bearable! It was wonderful to get to know Ellie (2 ½) and Hayley (10 mos.) better each day. We had a grand time “camping” (it’s a little hard to call staying in our RV at a campground “camping”, but hey, we weren’t at home!). The nights were a little tough with both the girls in the same room, but other than that, we had lots of fun.
Lara and Josiah arrived on Saturday for quick 48 hr. visits – but it was so good to all be together. We had “official” pictures taken – here is the one we took with my camera.
It will be fun to see how the photographer made out – getting all those folks to smile at the same time!

So we got some chores done at T&T’s house, played lots of cards, helped Ellie with her potty training, read lots of books about cows and ducks, and had many, many hugs. It was indeed sad to leave , but travel on we must. Today we’re just outside of Cincinnati, and this morning we are getting the oil changed in Lizzie. Ah, the mundane. We head south after that to Lighthouse Christian Camp (outside of Nashville, TN)– which ministers to underprivileged children in Central Tennessee. We’ll be working with 5 other SOWER couples, and we’re looking forward to becoming a community again!

I’ve added a couple of new pages – “About us” and “Contact us”. I’m working on a Family News page too – can you tell I spent some time with Lara, my web-site consultant? =)

We’re enjoying coffee and wifi at a local Panera Bread restaurant. Ah, sweet technology! (and rolls!)

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