Moseying…..(is that a word?)

Another Walmart Campground tonight, just outside of Jackson, MS. From the time we hit the road this morning until 6PM we just moseyed down the Trace, stopping at every historic marker, walking every nature trail, and just plain enjoying the beautiful fall day that God had provided for us. I would highly recommend a trip down this road. Not if you’re in a hurry, but if you’d like to take your time, see some beautiful scenery, and learn something of how we used to “move about the country”, this would be the trip for you. Here’s a shot of the road today –
And here is a section of the “Old Trace” – the original path from Natchez to Nashville –
If you’d like to see some other pictures from our Natchez Adventure, you can go here….
In all honesty, the trip was much prettier than these pictures!

Tomorrow we depart from the trip down the Trace and head over to Vicksburg, MS to see the Civil War Battlefield and Cemetery there. The rest of the Trace (from Jackson to Natchez) will have to wait for another time, since from there we’ll heading to our project in Carson, MS. But I know it’s a trip I’ll keep high on my list of things to do!

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