Twas the night before the night before


Our December travels have brought us to our children and grandchildren. Well, all the children aren’t exactly here just yet, but they’re getting close! Josiah arrives tomorrow morning and we pick up Lara at the Columbus airport on Christmas Eve (also known as tomorrow night!). It looks like we’ll have a white Christmas (thanks to a hefty snowstorm a week or so ago and frigid temperatures ever since!), but mostly it looks like we’ll have a wonderful family-chaotic Christmas. These Christmases stretch our sensibilities – a typical Christmas at the Conrad house in Jamison was homemade sticky buns and coffee before any gifts were opened (though the stockings were always delivered to the bedrooms to stall the inevitable rush to the tree) and then a leisurely opening of the gifts one at a time. We were as apt to stay in our jammies all day as we were to get dressed in some of our Christmas Morning Fresh New Clothes. Christmas Dinner? Well, there were years of popcorn and re-heated sticky buns and the goodies from a company gift basket before we settled on a menu we could all be happy with- Chicken Cheese Steaks and French Fries! While Moms across America were frantically orchestrating the mashed potatoes and the broccoli casserole to be done at the same time, the Conrads were settling in to a showing of “The Christmas Story” and in all probability, an NAP.
Christmas at the Conrad’s in Ohio looks a fair bit different. First of all, there are house guests (that would be US, and Lara and Josiah!). Beds to be filled, meals to be prepared and towels to be found. Toby and Tammy do a great job at being the hosts, but I know it’s tiring for them. Being a Mom and Dad to a one year old and an almost three year old is hard enough without having the in-laws there (not to mention just a little excitement about Christmas!). I guess it’s good that the house guests arrive in stages, but by Christmas morning not only will all the Conrads be here, but most of Tammy’s family also. The sticky buns are still on the menu, but breakfast has expanded to include some more nutritional fare (those little girls need something other that pure carbs to start the day!). The pile of presents will be higher and the opening of them will take longer. And of course, our focus will mostly be on Ellie and Hayley. I think dinner will still be pretty simple – homemade macaroni and cheese. One of our original comfort food meals!
It will be a wonderful day – blending traditions, families, and blessings.
And my wish for you – whatever your traditions, wherever you are gathered, that this Christmas will be a time of blessing for you.
For unto to you is born this day, A Savior!

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  1. Oh…. mac and cheese! yummy!

    I can make those yummy cheese puffs again too, I just need butter, eggs, flour, gorgonzola, bacon and scallions. Sorry I can’t do any shopping after I arrive.

    Who’s making the chex mix? 🙂

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