Back Home!

It’s hard to believe it’s over – Christmas, that is! We had a truly wonderful holiday – and you can check out the pictures below as proof. As usual, there were way too many gifts for the little ones and really too many for the “big ones” too! We ooh’d and ahhh’d and ate too much and played games into the night. It was exceptional!
But I must admit, it’s also wonderful to be back in our moving home! We drove 14 hrs. straight from Marysville, OH to Columbia, MS and slept in our own bed last night. Ah, the good life. Today after we unpacked the truck and repacked Lizzie, we set out on the road again. Tonight we are in Jackson, MS and tomorrow we will complete the Natchez Trace (see all those entries from last month!). We hope to spend a day or so in Natchez playing the tourist and from there we will CROSS THE MISSISSIPPI and head to Texas! We’ll take our time and hopefully even get in a visit to San Antonio before we get to our final destination – Harlingen, Texas – and Way of the Cross Ministries. All New Road ahead for us!
So, here are some Christmas Pictures (and one from earlier that is just TOO CUTE not to share!)
Our Almost Family Picture – (I need to get one with ALL of us from Lara!)
Ellie in her new jacket (made by Grams!)
Hayley just looking too cute for words…
And here is the T-shirt quilt I made for Lara. It was great fun to make – like putting together a puzzle!

And here is a fall shot of Tammy and the girls – I guess I really do have the cutest granddaughters!

So it’s off to bed (our own!!!), here at the Walmart in Jackson. And the good news is, the big Semi next to us is NOT running his generator. It promises to be a good night!

Oh – for my dear friends in PA and Ohio….it’s going to be in the high 60’s tomorrow. Ahhhhhhh……………….

2 thoughts on “Back Home!”

  1. Well, if you’re going to boast, my great-nieces are JUST as cute as your grand-daughters!!! 🙂

    Glad you had a safe drive down to Mississippi. Hopefully you’ll still be in Texas when the bluebonnets bloom.


  2. It was so great to see you guys when you were home—dare I use that word?
    The family pictures are great, the finished quilt a masterpiece!
    Had dinner at Carrabba’s last night w neighbors and Shirley Pollock.No one quite cleaned their plates like you, Steph. Hope your ears were burning.
    Have a happy new year, as you continue to follow and serve our Lord.
    Til next time, we read with great interest and love.
    Bonnie and Bill

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