Indian Mounds

In our travels down the Natchez Trace (which we just completed on Wednesday) we came across several Indian Mounds – sacred mounds built by the Natchez Indians hundreds of years ago. The final one on the trace is near Natchez and is called the Emerald Mounds. It really is huge and there is a lot of history attached to it. However, while it might have been a temple mound with great significance to the Natchez Tribes centuries ago, today it serves the folks of Natchez as a wanna-be sledding hill!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

One thought on “Indian Mounds”

  1. There are hundreds of burial mound and earthworks sites across the country with the greatest density being in the Ohio Valley, where there are about 200 sites to visit.
    Mound and earthwork sites are never more than 20 miles distant from each other, so makes for a lot of exploring and little driving.

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