Are we really this far away??

We’re in the second week of our January Project – and thoroughly enjoying our time in the Rio Grande Valley (along with thousands of other Winter Texans, most of whom are from Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, the Dakotas…..). The weather has been lovely – though the wind continues to blow. Gary & I have been walking in the morning, and some mornings it feels like we’re doing it in a wind tunnel! This is a very agricultural area and there are irrigation canals/ditches running between all the fields. Mostly we’re walkin’ in the dark along those canals, but on Friday we got to go a little later and enjoyed the early morning moon!
The fields around us are pretty empty right now, though I understand they will be planted with cotton soon. They seem like mega-wale corduroy to me…….

So what have we been doing? The men have been busy doing building repair and Gary has been busy doing his A/C thing. We girls have been sewing curtains and painting. We’ve enjoyed a couple of game nights, a pot-luck dinner with other Sower’s here in the Valley (about 20 couples), and an RV show (no, we’re not shopping, but it’s always fun to look!). We haven’t made it to Mexico yet, but we have plans to for this weekend. On Friday we’re headed across the border with this ministry to take food and clothing and the Gospel to their Aldama base camp. Then on Saturday we’re doing the tourist thing and will be crossing over (on foot) into Nuevo Progreso, Mexico. Both will be eye-opening experiences in more ways than one I am sure!

I’m still having a hard time believing I’m this far from home. South Texas, can you believe it???
God continues to bless us with beautiful sunsets –

…the wind just changed direction – and it’s gusting up to about 40 mph. Should be an interesting night! =)

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