Killer Bee Capital

We’re still getting to know the area, but one point of interest –
Hidalgo is the Killer Bee Capital of the World.
“Killer Bees have been around since the 1950s, when some African queens escaped a South American lab and began flirting with the local gentry. Their volatile spawn migrated north, growing nastier with each succeeding generation. In October of 1990, they illegally crossed the US border at Hidalgo, Texas. “
Can’t say we’ve met any personally, but here’s a link to additional info!

So far Hidalgo is very Mexican, i.e. not much in English here! We head into Mexico tomorrow (or at least that’s the plan) for Gary to continue with the Adventures in Dentistry. We’ll keep you posted…….
Oh – today is Ellie’s third birthday!!! Happy Birthday, darling!

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