A visit to a Ropa Usada

‘Member a couple of posts ago when I mentioned all the Ropa Usada stores near our January project? They were the used clothing stores where everything was sold by the pound. I was told that you had to buy an entire lot (100# or so) even if you just wanted to pick out a pair of jeans.
Apparently there are some stores where you get to rout through the piles and then pay for whatever you want. We ladies couldn’t resist checking it out, so today we headed back toward Hidalgo and the Ropa Usada stores. What an experience!
That’s us on the right – not quite sure where to begin….(or even if we really want to be there!)

Here I am climbing the clothing mountain….
Karen is trying to find that must have thing….but so many clothes, and so little time!

When all was said and done, I had 3 tops, 2 pr. pants, 1 skirt and a small quilt. All for $1.30.
Well, and a trip to the washing machine!

We head out tomorrow! So I better get focused on putting stuff away and getting ready to go.
Highway here we come!

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