It’s a done deal!

OK – so it turned out that not ALL the ducks were in the right row, but after a little drama, the papers were signed and the checks were cut. We are proud to announce that we are no longer the owners of this lovely Victorian home:
I was amazed at the lack of sad emotions that accompanied the final walk through. It was as if I just knew that it was Time. The new owner seems to have some great plans for the property – so it will be interesting to see (or at least hear about!) the changes as they progress.
We did have a great weekend. Despite really nasty weather, we managed to visit lots of friends, see our son, and wrap up some business. There are promises of warmer days to come….and that is made all the more joyful knowing we don’t have a yard that needs mowing!

And we have returned to the only home we own…

2 thoughts on “It’s a done deal!”

  1. sorry to see the old homestead go. glad everything all worked out so well!

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