On being a wedding slave

OK – so I arrived in D-town for the sole purpose of being a “personal assistant” (aka wedding slave) to my buddy Janet as she prepared for her daughter Sarah’s wedding on the 12th. She was still working a full schedule so I figured there would be plenty to do. So far it’s been a pretty cushy job – with my duties ranging from helping to weed the entry to the church (not so fun) to keeping Janet company while she sat by the pool working on her tan. 🙂 I think this is about as laid back of a wedding as you can get. With the wedding just two days away, the BIG WORK is just beginning (setting up and decorating the church gym for the reception, rounding up flowers (literally – we’re checking out the neighbor’s flower beds as we drive around), getting STUFF to the church (this could be heavy – the place cards are small river stones with the names painted on!), helping Sarah with her move to her new digs (oh, and their daughter Ash is moving to Colorado the same day as the wedding – so that adds another level to the mayhem!) I’m sure the pace will move to frenzy before too long, but it certainly has been fun to be part of the “fray”.

And son Josiah moves to Lancaster this weekend too! He starts his new job on Monday, and he is very excited to be setting out on this new phase of his life. It includes a lovely young lady (who lives in Lancaster 🙂 ), so it’s great to see him so happy. And it’s nice to be able to be part of this time in his life journey.

Finally, here is a Small World story. Janet and Joe had me tag along to a picnic given by a co-worker of Janet. I meet a couple of folks, chat mostly with J&J, and begin to enjoy the picnic lunch. The older woman sitting across from me is a neighbor, and out of the blue she asks if I am related to a Ruth Conrad. Well, say I, my mother –in-law was a Ruth Conrad, but she hadn’t lived in the area for 35 years. Well, says she, I worked with a Ruth Conrad in the early sixties and I wonder if it’s the same woman. We check a couple of details, and sure enough – she had worked with Gary’s mom shortly after she was divorced from his dad. The neighbor had lovely things to say about Ruth – and I was astonished that she remembered someone that she had worked with 40 years ago well enough to recall her name and ask if we were related. She must have made quite an impression!

Back to work, the boss is callin!

One thought on “On being a wedding slave”

  1. just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy reading your page. you are an amazing photographer and writer…ever think about free-lancing? 🙂
    anyway, i am encouraged by your words, especially your last post! 2 years!! it’s awesome to think of all the places that you guys have been and all the ways and people you have served. it’s definitely a testimony of our providential God.
    i’m also encouraged by your support of josiah. i know it would be easy to think that we are crazy. but i also know that it means everything to josiah to have your loving support.

    looking forward to seeing you this weekend..


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