Hostess Donettes, Peanuts, Pretzels, and a Diet Coke

Ah, the nutrition of a 10 hr. day on the road! We drove north into Fall and have safely arrived at Straight Ahead Ministries in Hubbardston, MA. It was a perfect day, clear and crisp and our journey was uneventful – just the way we like it!

The past two weeks have been family packed wonderfulness! A great visit with my sister Joie (and husband Fitz) was combined with a work weekend at my niece’s old house. It was inspiring to see all that Hannah & Brian had accomplished, and a bit overwhelming to see all that there was yet to do. Since we’ve done the “This Old House” thing, I could really relate to their progress and their “to-do” list. Gary worked on some electrical and plumbing jobs and started the heat pump installation. Joie & I worked on organizing the kid’s bedrooms and then cleaned up the front yard. They’ve done a great job so far, and we certainly wish them the best.
But on to this past weekend – Dwinell Family Reunion 2006! It was full of small cousins playing, big cousins reconnecting and siblings all getting back in touch. The weather was mostly cooperative (I think a light drizzle actually enhances a game of shuffleboard, don’t you?), the accommodations worked great, the food was all delicious (isn’t everything yummy when you eat it with family outside around a fire?) and the fellowship was OUTSTANDING! I have uploaded a bunch of photos – most of us doing what we mostly did – just hanging around. Here are a couple of my favorites – feel free to go here if you’d like to see more!
Here is The Eight and Under Crowd!
What a bunch of cuties!
Many of us walked up for a beautiful sunset – Here is Exley Bookamer honing her photography skills…

And on a more sobering note – while we were hugging our family and sending them on their way Sunday afternoon, our dear friend Wendy Pappas was slipping into her Saviour’s presence. Good News for her, but a sad, sad time for her family and friends. We will be keeping them in our prayers.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I’m glad it all turned out so well. How far away is Hubbardston?
    Love you guys! Lynne

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