The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good –The Skyline Drive is breathtaking! The weather was less than perfect, but the drive up to the Skyland Lodge – the highest point of the Skyline Drive at 3680 ft was spectacular. A camera cannot begin to take in the splendor of the mountains decked out in their fall color, but here are a couple of shots – but if you want more, go here!

skyline24 skyline8

skyline11 skyline19


The Bad –
When we started up Lizzie after our stop at Skyland, the gauges were all wacko. The gas gauge was at E, and the low coolant light was on. We had filled up just before we got on the Parkway so unless we somehow sprung a leak (and there wasn’t any evidence of that) we had to figure that was just a gauge glitch. But the puddle of coolant under the engine told us the “low coolant” light must be telling the truth. Gary checked for leaking hoses but everything looked intact. We filled up with water (it continued to leak out) and we headed back down the mountain. We got off at the first opportunity and called our Emergency Road Service guys. We limped to a Walmart and were then rescued by a BIG Tow Truck. Right now we’re in Broadway, VA waiting for the shop to open up tomorrow to diagnose (and correct!) the problem. Gary thinks there’s a hole in the radiator and it will probably need to be replaced. Yikes!
Here’s Lizzie taking a ride…… 🙁


And The Ugly?
There’s a 30% chance of SNOW tomorrow. What’s up with that!!!!!

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  1. We have fond memories of camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains for many summers when the kids were young. What a beautiful ride it must have been! And I’m sorry you’ve had a little detour. I hope you’re on your way soon.

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