Settled again

Repairing the hole in Lizzie’s radiator – $540.09
(much better than a new one @$3300.00 plus freight (and time) from Oregon)
Spending an extra night at Mike and Robyn’s – Wonderful
Getting back on the road just 48 hours after our breakdown – Priceless.

We had a beautiful drive down 81 (we decided to save the rest of the Skyline Drive for another (truck only) adventure!) through Virginia and the Carolinas and arrived safely at our November project – Toccoa Falls College. We haven’t seen much of the area yet, but it promises to have it’s own special beauty. And, we’ve worked with each of the other three couples here before so we know we’re looking forward to the fellowship.
Here are a couple of shots of that beautiful drive…..
VA Rte 81
This shot was taken from the top of a 7 mile hill. Spectacular – but I was a little white knuckled by the time we reached the bottom!
Rte 77 to NC

I’ll need some real training when we tackle the Rockies!!! Or sedatives!

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