Long Night’s Moon


Beautiful beautiful December Full Moon – often refered to as the Long Night’s Moon due to the fact that it hangs on the horizon for such a long time. I think we will rename it Cold Night’s Moon. With that nice clear sky, all the heat is escaping and the temperature is expected to bottom out in the 20’s tonight. Oh, the Brrrrrrrr of it all!

On other fun notes – here are some new cute photos of my favorite granddaughters!
This is Hayley cuddled up in the doll quilt I made for her for her 2nd birthday – guess it was a hit!
And here is Ellie cuddled up with her Daddy!
And finally the two angels together. Something tells me they might not always be angels, but who’s to know?

So we’re huddling under the down comforter and sleeping close tonight.
Florida, eh?

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