Happy Trails to you….

So, just what have we been up to the last couple of weeks?

Life here in Bonifay has developed into a peaceful routine. We’ve made some good friends, both among the volunteers and also among the staff. The fellow in charge of maintenance is Joe Hardy, and he’s a real cowboy at heart. He invited Gary and I to join he and his wife Diane for a trail ride this last weekend. Sure – sounds like fun! Saturday dawned bright and clear – just a little chilly. But not to worry, we loaded up the horses and headed to Pine Log State Forest to join several others in their riding club. Gary & I were definitely the beginners in the bunch! I should have worried when no one seemed to know just how long the ride was going to be. The ride was lots of fun – only it was about 2 hours too long! I was riding Dakota, who would walk along slowly (bounce, bounce, bounce) and then break into a trot to catch up with his buddies (bbbooouuunnce, bbbbbouuunnce, bbbbbouuucnnnce…). Over and over again. This horse needed a cruise control! The fellowship was great – but yikes, did I hurt by the time we finished the ride. Sunday it hurt to sit, and then after that it just hurt to walk.
Here’s a shot of Gary on the trail (just before we trotted up to join him!)…..

And here we are at the end of the ride. Phew, we made it!


One of the fun little parts of this adventure is our quest for interesting quilt shops (OK, so it’s not the most interesting part to everyone on this adventure, but then again there are all those trips to Home Depot!). We’ve been to great big stores, like Keepsake Quilting in NH, and Mary Jo’s in Gastonia, NC and we’ve been to little shops like the “Fabric by the Pound” (no web link here!) shop we stumbled upon in Maine. Trust me, I have the “fat quarters” to prove each and every stop! I’ve even found a little fabric store in the town just down the road in Graceville, FL. It’s called Crafty Cats Quilt Shop and Tanning Salon. Honest.

But here’s a little shop (Quilts N More) that we drive by each time we head to Dothan, AL

I’m just a little concerned about the “more”…………

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