A Three State Day!

OK, so it wasn’t the most exciting drive (Get on I10 and Stay on I10), but today we traveled from Bonifay, FL to Mobile, AL to Pascagoula, MS all to pick up some A/C equipment (Mobile) and 400 “high-hat” lights that had been donated to Teen Challenge (Pascagoula). We took 2 cadets with us – and kept them busy with our Superplexus game (“an electronic hand-held game where players maneuver a ball through a 3-dimensional labyrinth suspended inside a transparent spheroid.”). It would get very quiet, we’d hear the ball hit the plastic, and then an “oh MAN”. They almost mastered it (which is more than we can say about our prowess with the game!). Here is Matt – deep in concentration!

It was a long day – we left at 6AM and returned at 6PM – but it was good to get to know our two helpers a little better, and despite the rain we had a good trip.

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