The Week in Review

Wow – it’s been quite a week here at Teen Challenge!
Remember those Snow Peas that were growing in the garden? Well, it’s been harvest time this week. The boys have been out picking and processing all week. And trust me, some of these kids had never even seen a snow pea, let alone know what to do with them! Normally afternoons are spent in PSNC (Personal Study for New Christians). Due to the “Pea Crisis”, we now have the PeaSNC…..
peaspeaspeas (do you think they might be looking for the small print?) 🙂
After the sorting and cleaning came the washing….peaspeas (I’ll tell you, get a camera out, and the boys become quite the hams!)…Then to the blanching and freezing (sorry, no pictures – I was too busy blanching!). And much to the boy’s delight, next week it’s back to the fields! Ah, Spring!

Teen Challenge fields a pretty fine basketball team. Gary and I went to their semi-final game on Thursday down the road at Baptist College of Florida. I have no idea when (or where – the gymnasium is under construction) they actually practice, but they were amazing. The rest of second platoon came, so along with a couple of other staff members, there was a pretty fine cheering section too! After the game we all went out to CiCi’s for dinner (all the pizza, salad, and pasta you can eat for $4.49!). Good thing we warned them ahead of time, ’cause the kids certainly enjoyed the treat!
OH – did I mention WE WON!!!!! On to the finals on Monday! Here is just one of the winning shots!bball2 (we’re in blue!)

I guess I’ve led a pretty sheltered life, but I had never been in a pawn shop until yesterday. Gary and I have both been checking eBay for a couple of things – he’s been looking for a biscuit joiner ( that’s a tool, not a southern kitchen item) and I’ve been looking for a narrow wedding ban to replace my wide one. I don’t know what made him think of it, but Gary decided we should check out the local pawn shops in Dothan (we found 6 – I’m sure there are more!). I was amazed at all the stuff they had – tools, toys, TV, movies, and jewelry. LOTS of jewelry. It was fun shopping, and at the last shop we stopped at I found just what I was looking for! Poor Gary was not quite so lucky (but he is still the high bidder on eBay!). And so our world enlarges!

Lots of new volunteers will be arriving this weekend for a final month of construction/maintenance until the SnowBirds head north to home and us Full-timers just head north to escape the heat! (It was 89 here on Wednesday!). Yippee – new friends!

2 thoughts on “The Week in Review”

  1. Good thing you had so much help with those peas! Brings back memories of the days we gardened to eat. Now we just garden for fun mostly. Getting to eat any of it is a bonus. We still have an awful lot of snow, though grass, however brown, is appearing here and there. There is more snow being predicted for next week. I’m not counting on Spring here for a while yet. (SIGH!)

  2. Great job on your blog!! Sure was good to get caught up not only on you guys, but to see some familiar faces from TC. (I still get choked up when I see pictures of Browning.) What a mass/mess of peas.

    Also, the camping area (Wal Mart Annex #2) was really cool. It looked like the one we were at in south central TN at Arnold AFB. We were 20ft from the water.

    Keep up the good work. Sure miss you guys. Looking forward to Western MD in Aug.
    Love you both,

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