Our last week…..

Ok, so it’s not actually our last week ever, but it is our last week here. We arrived at West Florida Teen Challenge in Bonifay, FL on November 20, 2006. And we leave on April 20, 2007. Exactly 5 months later. I must confess that when we signed up as Sower On Assignment (SOA) here I was a little apprehensive about staying “still” for an extended period of time. This is an “in the middle of nowhere” place, and I knew that we would be pretty isolated. But God has been very good to us here. There have been little things – like piglets, and chicks and kittens (8 were born this week!). And there were big things – like all the new friends that have come into our lives. We’ve come to love the staff here – and have been privileged to experience first hand their love for these young men who come from such troubled situations. We have come to love the boys here – especially the ones we have been able to get to know on a more personal level. There’s nothing like getting to know someone while you’re processing mountains of snow peas or building a cattle corral! Plus we’ve worked alongside an amazing (and ever changing) group of volunteers. And there have been practical things as well – since they fed us most meals and we weren’t moving Lizzie all around the country, our budget was also pretty happy. So while we are eagerly anticipating our move to our next project (Send the Light in Waynesboro, GA), we are sad to be leaving this spot that has become like home. Friday the 20th promises to be a teary day.

But just so you know that we are really out in the sticks, this is a picture of the closest Post Office to the campus here.

Can’t say I ever mailed anything from there. Would you?

One thought on “Our last week…..”

  1. Thanks for all the pictures and updates you provided for T.C. – You guys are such a blessing.

    And by the looks of the post office – no wonder some of my letters get lost…hee hee

    Amy Montgomery

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