I don’t think I ever actually stated where we are right now! Sorry. We’re parked behind the huge warehouse of Send the Light – a Christian Book distributor that is affiliated with Operation Mobilization which distributes books via two ocean liners that “set up shop” in ports all around the world. They are in the process of moving some of their operation to Johnson City, TN, so the guys are busy doing building maintenance along with dismantling some office space for the move. In fact, we might be driving some of that “office space” up to Johnson City early next week. You never know what a Sower Project might bring!
Looking back over the last week or so, I thought I’d share a couple other pictures…..
When we were visiting with the Gahagans, we visited the Still Pond Vineyards– I loved those rolling hills of grape vines.

And we did actually see a couple of alligators at Magnolia Springs State Park – here’s one! Good thing it was on THAT side of the pond.

This is one of the spring at the state park. The water was amazingly clear.

And then on our Vidalia Onion Day trip – pictures of the pond and then of the onion fields. Like I said, not the most amazing day!

IMG_7600_edited IMG_7601_edited


We’ve had 3 days in the 90’s. Even the locals think it’s a little early for those temperatures!
Hope it’s warming up in your neighborhood!

2 thoughts on “Miscellaneous”

  1. I like your picture of the vineyard, esp with the mockingbird perched on top of the sprinkler. As for warmer, most of our snow is finally gone and the sun is warm in the middle of the day. Forsythia is blooming down in town but ours will be a while yet. I’ll post pictures of the barn tomorrow. Nice that the weather’s been nice for building.

  2. You take good pictures lady! Pickin up any of that GA accent? Dolly is at camp getting some R&R. I’ve been working at our church in WV. We’re trying to finish up and get in by late summer/early fall. Take Care. Miss you guys!

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