Man, I’m really getting behind….

OK – First of all, we have arrived at our July location- Cedar Lake Camp in Livingston, TN. It’s farther north than our June location, but something tells me that it will still be in the 90’s most days. Gary has a pretty good list of chores, but I’m not sure what exactly I’ll be doing. I do know that Monday morning we’re leaving at 5:30AM to drive campers up to Dale Hollow Lake for “Canoe Week”. They don’t actually need us to drive there – they just need folks to bring the vans back. After that early morning chore, it looks like I’ll be learning the ins and outs of pool cleaning. After that – who knows! Maybe I’ll get to be Gary’s helper again :-).

So, about the pictures from our little get-away…..
Here is a selection – but there are several more here…..

Sam Davis ………View of Falls Mill

samdavis fallmills4-1

An Angel from the cemetery


stillhouse2 TNthistle2

Stillhouse Falls and a Thistle at Tims Ford Reservior

This area was very hard hit by that Easter hard freeze (that did such a number on all the nurseries back down in McMinnville – did I mention that that is the “Nursery Capital of the World”? Who knew!). Anyway, to compond the freeze, they have now been in a severe drought. I’m happy to report that both Thursday and Friday there was heavy rain here. Yippee! The down side was that it was just at dinner time and it made for a lot of soaking wet campers (and Sowers!). But the rain is a very good thing. Here is a view of some very pretty falls we discovered on Friday…..
Waterloo Friday 1
And here it is today (Saturday) when we returned….Waterloo Saturday
It’s amazing what a good old fashioned thunderstorm can do!
More on why we were at those falls two days in a row later…. 😉

Sam Davis, James Polk, Phosphate Museum

We had a busy second day on our little Tennessee Jaunt. We did indeed track down the Sam Davis Monument (though his museum is only open on Sundays), boy hero of the Confederacy. He wasn’t born in Pulaski, but this is where he was hanged. Read all about him here. This entire area is full of Civil War history, Davy Crockett connections, and Tennessee Walking Horse farms. We checked out another waterfall, and had a lovely lunch on the square in Columbia and then decided to head home. Oh, and we went through the James Polk House (also in Columbia). It was a good blend of seeing the countryside, getting a taste of the rural Tennessee towns, and experiencing some of the history of the area. All in all, a good excursion.

I’m having some “photo issues” – so I’ll have to post the pictures later – maybe over the weekend. :-/

Today we got ready to move again. We head about 60 miles north tomorrow morning, to Cedar Lake Camp in Livingston, TN. It’s not a long trip, but still everything has to be in its “travel home”. 🙂

Oh, the Phosphate Museum….well, we located it (Mt. Pleasant, TN), and it was even open, but Gary was on the hunt for Lunch, and well, we just passed it by. Sorry!

So much to tell….

Wow – I can’t believe all the things I’ve wanted to write about, but somehow haven’t made the time. Here’s a brief catch-up!
Life quieted down at Camp Overton. After the Junior Campers (and crew – about 140 total) left on Thursday, we all took a deep breath and relaxed. We had a nice adults only dinner on the deck that evening and posed for our group picture. Since Gary & I were the only Sowers on the project, we decided that Reba and kids were really our “group” – so here we all are (shadows and all!)
overtongang It was wonderful working (and playing) with these folks. After dinner we played some wild dominoes – here are some silly shots from that….

DSCF1346 DSCF1365

The more we got to know each other, the goofier we got!

And remember the deck that Gary was building?
New Deck Beginning
Pretty sweet, eh?

Saturday we saw the sights of McMinnville. Ok, so it included a fabric store and Lowes, it still was a day out. We checked out Falcon Rest, “the Biltmore of Tennessee” (that was kind of a stretch), took a long detour around a factory that was burning (pretty drive – just wish I knew where we were!), and played with our new toy (a handheld GPS) and our new hobby – Geo Caching. “Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers (called “geocaches” or “caches”) anywhere in the world. A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook and “treasure,” usually toys or trinkets of little monetary value.” More on the geocaching later – we had fun getting started with it and I can just hope that we get better the more we do it. I have some great pictures that I haven’t had a chance to up load yet, but I’ll get to that soon (promise).

Right now we are at the Highland Inn in Pulaski, TN (south central TN). We’ve taken a couple days “off” and are driving around this beautiful state seeing what there is to see. Mostly we have been reminded that lots of local points of interested are CLOSED ON MONDAYS!!! Grrrrrr…… But tomorrow is Tuesday, so I trust we’ll have better luck. Why, right here in Pulaski is the Sam Davis Monument, doncha know! (I’ll figure out who he is tomorrow too!) But I am enjoying the free WiFi!!!

I took lots of pictures today – but I’ll leave you with just one. It’s from Falls Mill in Belvidere, TN (they’re closed on Wednesdays!).
Falls Mills 1

It was a good day.

A Day at Junior Camp

You never know what the day will bring at Junior Camp at Camp Overton.
Like the power going out at 11AM – just as we were getting ready to serve lunch. We recovered from that (and the masses were fed without too much fuss) and power was restored before the kids left for the pool. The afternoon was spent making a giant batch of gingersnaps (220 yummy morsels), and then a trip back to the RV for a little feet-up time, a power nap and maybe a quick shower. The shower had to wait though since the truck that was delivering a load of stone somehow cracked the main water line – and the entire (yes, ENTIRE) camp was without water. Yes, about 1 hour before dinner and with 102 young campers returning from a day at the pool, there wasn’t a toilet that could flush or a faucet that would trickle in the entire complex. We pulled off dinner (hot dogs and hamburgers w/fries and baked beans don’t require a lot of water), and when all was said and done we just hung out on the deck until we heard that the water line was repaired and clean-up could begin. It made for a longer night, but we had lots of help and the spirit of the evening was jovial. And then, just as the we were breaking up to go home, God gave us a spectacular sunset (sorry, no camera 🙁 ) to close out the day. God is so good to us!
They say there is never a dull moment here – and I’m beginning to see what they mean. I mean, really – a power outage and a water main break all in the same day???? Go figure!

Bob The Builder

So, did you have a good week? I started the week off with making a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies – any time a cookie recipe calls for 8 eggs, you know it’s gonna make oodles! They’re in the freezer waiting for the 100 8-12 year old campers that arrive tomorrow! Now that promises to be a busy week!

Gary finished up his basement projects – the storage room and additional closet under stairs – to rave reviews. We’ve named the storage room Libby’s Hideaway – and believe me she’s been busy filling it up! Here are a couple of pictures of the finished product –

room1 room2

closet1 closet2

By Thursday afternoon he was making a materials list for a deck he’s now building on one of the cabins. And by Saturday afternoon he had the “bones” done. Since we’re the only Sowers on this project, he’s been putting in extra time (like all day Friday and Saturday!). Not because he needs to, but because he enjoys this type of work. Here’s the beginning of the deck…..
New Deck Beginning

(There was a little excitement when the two snakes that he killed when he was preparing the area for the deck turned out to be Copperheads (yikes!), but other than that, it’s been pretty routine!)

Aside from being an occasional helper to Gary, I’ve mostly been helping out in the kitchen. There is one other family here helping out, so we’re having a good time. In fact, Libby has managed to get us passes for Curves in town, so we girls are making daily trips in for our 30 minute workouts. I don’t think it’s quite making up for the yummy food they’re feeding us, but still, it must be helping a little?!

Here’s a picture of the Collins River that runs around the camp (though we’re high on the bluff, so there’s no real “waterfront”).
view for DR deck
Check out other shots of the camp here.

Next week will be full of feeding the hungry masses and finishing up the deck. Our “official” time here is done on Thursday, but we’re planning on hanging around until sometime the following week. There’s even a rumor going around that we might take a little overnight trip the following week to see the sights on the other side of Nashville. 😉