Geocaching – the great treasure hunt

So, what do the following pictures have in common?

Guard 24 Little Joe geocache

Twilight zone Red Gate Geocache

Cummins Mills 3 Witces Castle Geo

Yep, these are the sites of some of our first geocaches. I know I mentioned geocaching before – it’s like a treasure hunt using a hand held GPS unit. Thanks to a lovely Father’s Day present, we have become officially addicted. We had such a good time tracking down some caches near McMinnville (location of our last project), we jumped right in once we got settled here in Livingston. We’re getting better at using the GPS, and we’re getting better at deciphering the clues that are given with each “hide”. Friday and Saturday we hung close to home – found the one behind the cannon on the square, found a “mini” in a birdhouse at an old cemetery, and discovered two local waterfall-swimming spots and the caches hidden in the nearby forest. (Plus we discovered a fabric store that was having a wonderful one day sale – ½ off all fabric and notions! Now that’s a find!) (We did one waterfall both Friday and Saturday, since we were unsuccessful on our first try. But it was such a beautiful location, it didn’t bother us in the least!)

So today after church in Cookeville (pronounced Cook-vul by the locals) we headed off to find what we could find. We were 10 for 12 for the day. Not bad for a couple of newbies! We started at a Verizon Wireless Store, and among other things, stopped by at a huge pink elephant, checked out a Walmart parking lot, pulled behind Nick’s Lounge, walked through Ensor Sink Natural Area, walked along the lake (and picked some yummy blackberries) at Cane Creek Park and found a teeny tiny cache in an electrical box outside of a music supply store. Here are some shots of the day – we had a really fun time!
The Big Pink Elephant
One of the cool trees at the Ensor Sink Natural Area. We were really tromping through the woods on this one!
Ensor Sink Natural Area
This is our smallest (and last of the day) find. (It’s that small cylinder at the bottom of the box) It was stuck behind this electrical box. I had Gary do the reaching!
Teenytiny cache
One of the perks of our Cane Creek Park cache was the bounty of black raspberries along the path. Yum!
And somewhere on this train is a 35mm film canister WITHOUT our name on the log. We haven’t given up – we’ll try again next weekend!

If you’d like more information about geocaching, check out their website at
If this sounds fun, but you don’t have a GPS, there is a website called which is the same kind of treasure hunt, but with clues instead of GPS coordinates. We’ve done both – and they’re both fun!
Check it out!

Oh – back in McMinnville, there was one cache called “Bobcat’s Cave” that we just couldn’t find. We knew we were close – but just couldn’t find the prize. We didn’t bring a flashlight and there were several nooks and crannies in the cliffs, so we tried using the camera flash to “see” inside the dark areas. We didn’t find the cache – but we took this pretty cool picture. Just not sure what it’s a picture of!

4 thoughts on “Geocaching – the great treasure hunt”

  1. What a fun post (and great pix)! And when I looked at your pix from 6/30 I was wondering what this last photo was and why you hadn’t deleted it as an oops. Clearly now I can see that it has significance as a “dark place in the cliff”. I didn’t realize there were so many of these caches about. What fun! Oh, and did you have to compete with birds for the birdhouse one? 😀

  2. Sorry – I don’t tweet! Feel free to follow along, but you’ll have to do it the old fashioned way – or do it as an RSS feed. Glad you’ve been enjoying visiting my little corner of the internet!

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