Sittin’ by the side of the pool

Today I was introduced to Pool Maintenance. It was a crash cource – but I managed. Gary handled the pumps and I worked on vacuuming. I don’t think I have ever seen a pool just like this one – it really is a Ce-ment Pond!
Cement Pond
With all the campers on a week long canoe trip, it’s a good time to do a thorough vacuuming and skimming (although those of you with pools know there is no such thing as being done with vacuuming and skimming!). I confess I have a whole new appreciation for pool owners. If you are one – God Bless you! And if you ever go swimming at a friend’s pool – hug them every time you go, and pick up that skimmer when you get a chance! 🙂 I got about half done today (well, Gary did do some since he was hot), and I hope to finish tomorrow. Of course, by Thursday I’ll be back in the shallow end starting again.

We started our week at 5:30AM on Monday when we gathered to help transport the 30 or so campers/counselors to Dale Hollow for their Canoe Camp adventure. Here’s a shot of the early sunshine….

And here are a couple of the canoes setting out….

Those canoes might look like they’re not taking much stuff, but don’t believe it! They loaded up a pontoon boat and two additional canoes that were pulled behind boat. And, they meet up with folks tomorrow to bring them additional food!

canoe7 canoe12

I’m sure they are having a wonderful time (plus that new food is arriving tomorrow). And we’re enjoying our peaceful week – just hanging around the pool and working on our tan!

Happy 4th of July! Here’s a cool mural that we saw in Cookeville (right near that antique train that stumped us while geocaching!)
cookeville mural

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