On being productive tourists

Since this was going to be our last weekend in this area, we took Saturday to see more of the local sights. One that I had really wanted to see was Dale Hollow Lake – a huge reservoir north of here that crosses into Kentucky. On the way we stopped at the Alvin C. York State Park (you remember him, he’s was one of the most decorated WWI heros and a pretty interesting guy to boot! Read about him here.) From there we headed to Cordell Hull Birthplace. (If you haven’t a clue about Cordell (I didn’t), he was the longest running Secretary of State and is credited with starting the United Nations. See, you learn something new every day here at rvthereyet.org!) And guess what else was at The Cordell Hull Birthplace? You guessed it – a geocache! 🙂 We picked up a couple more caches along the way, but eventually we made it to Dale Hollow Lake. We entered on the KY side because that’s where several trails were that we wanted to hike. And hike we did! I think we must have done about 5 miles – one of the trails led to this beautiful overlook –


While I was enjoying the view, (Gary was back hunting for a cache) I was struck with how much beauty there is in this country. Not just in the well known places – Blue Ridge Mountains, Big Sur, the Grand Canyon, but in so many unexpected places along the way. Sometimes just rounding the bend on a new road we are treated to some eye candy. And Dale Hollow Lake is one of those unexpected pleasures that God blessed us with. Man, I love this life!
Here are some other random shots from our day out….

IMG_8319_edited IMG_8315_edited

IMG_8314_edited IMG_8350_edited


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  1. Cordell Hull was one of my Dad’s heros….hence my brother is named Cordell (Toby’s uncle-by-marriage).

    Have a great day!


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