Kamping with the Kids

We just had a GREAT weekend camping with Toby, Tammy, Ellie & Hayley. We’re at Caesar Creek State Park just north of Cincinnati and they drove down on Saturday and stayed until Monday afternoon. The weather was just about perfect and we had a great time eating yummy camping food (anything cooked outside), playing silly games with the girls, taking walks and going on “treasure hunts” (geocaching!). Our RV may seem pretty big to some, but it doesn’t really sleep crowds very well (the saying is – 6 for drinks, 4 for dinner, 2 for overnight!). Gary and I elected to stay in the tent – and enjoyed two night of quiet good sleep! I think the kids did OK in Lizzie too!
We had a great apple tree at our site. Just right for “climbing”. (note the death grip Hayley has on the tree!)

This weekend we go to their house and then the following weekend they come and join us at our project – Kings Domain in Oregonia, OH. While we’re here in OH we hope to connect with some other good friends, so it should be a good month. Plus, we will be working with another couple (our last two projects we’ve been the only Sowers on the project), so we’re looking forward to that too!

The campground is quiet this morning. We are almost alone on our little cul-de-sac. This morning we had coffee and devotions while sitting outside in the sun. Ah, the sweetness of it all. This morning I’ll be cutting fabric for Hayley’s bed quilt (Tammy & I got to go shopping on Monday before they left!), and then in the afternoon we’ll be off exploring again. I’ll have to do a big post on our geo-ing adventures. We’ve been having a blast.
In closing, here are a couple of shots of our treasure hunting team from the weekend!

IMG_8418_edited IMG_8419_edited

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